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Charity Volunteerism Will Increase Around the Holidays

Julian Omidi looks at the increase of volunteerism and charitable giving around the end of the year. Julian Omidi discusses the reasons for the influx in charity and how it benefits all.

Around the holidays charities see an increase in not only financial contributions but also in time and effort given to them by volunteers. For many the holidays spur something in them; a reminder that no matter what they have they always have a way to give back to those that have even less.

The perfect illustration of the difference in charity volunteerism towards the end of the year when compared to the summer months is provided by Volunteer Coordinator Tanya Shelton of the Shreveport Salvation Army. She notes that in the month of July she typically deals with approximately 60 to 70 volunteers, while on Thanksgiving Day of 2011 she coordinated 286 volunteers alone.

Some charities have taken to thanking those that continuously volunteer and give to their organization throughout the year by setting aside prime giving days like Thanksgiving and Christmas Day for them. At some organizations and agencies volunteer days for the month of December have increased significantly, with only a few days still available to accept volunteers.

For many charities it is imperative that volunteers take the giving spirit experienced through the end of the year and carry it with them. While it is great that these organizations see the influx in giving around the holidays, they require assistance the whole year round. However you choose to give this holiday season, amke sure to extend that spirit throughout the rest of the year to help your favorite charities.


Julian Omidi


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